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Recent Publications from CCI Leadership Strategies

Leadership Deficit - Taking Care of Business. Appeared as a member written article in the Strategic Leadership Forum in Toronto. October 31, 2008. Read full publication

Using Diffusion Techniques to accelerate the adoption of Change in organizations.  March 16, 2008. Read full publication

Transforming HR should be more than just relying on an implementation of HR ERP technology.  March 10, 2008. Read full publication

Sustaining High Performance with Generation Y employees. Appeared in the Canadian HR Reporter, January 14, 2008. Read full publication

How HR can support Innovation. Appeared in the Canadian HR Reporter, May 7, 2007. Read full publication

Can forced ranking create high performance cultures? Appeared in the Canadian HR Reporter, February 12, 2007. Read full publication
Beyond HR. The door is open, but will HR walk through it? Appeared in the Canadian HR Reporter, November 20, 2006. Read full publication
   The Chosen Few. Why the conventional approach to leadership development isn't the best practice. Appeared in the Canadian HR Reporter, September 11, 2006. Read full publication
  Did you jump, or were you pushed?  Making it through the transition.  Appeared in, Jobseekers Newsletter, June 2009. Read full publication


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