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Managing the Generational Mix

Is your organization ready for the generational shifts in Talent Management?

No matter how effective organizations become at retaining older workers by offering them flexible roles, Generation X and Generation Y will soon become the dominant players in the workplace. As they do, they will usher out the last vestiges of the old-fashioned workplace values and norms and finish the workplace revolution. What will these changes mean?

  • organizations will have to abandon one-size-fits-all approaches to employer-employee relations while maintaining values of fairness and consistency; and
  • not alienating a future demographic when celebrating the heritage that built the present.

How we can help!!

CCI Leadership Strategies helps organizations adjust their internal human resources systems to attract, retain and inspire multi-generational demographics. A unique feature is our strategic partnership with Wiki-Nation, a core network of over 25 millenials in entry professional and leadership roles in leading organizations. Our focus is on talent entering the organization, talent moving up the organization and re-framing work relationships with the maturing talent.

What we do!!

  • Using our Talent Transition Diagnostic, create a profile of the company’s talent cohorts, characteristics and needs;
  • Customize and align internal systems to the needs of each demographic to win the "just in time loyalty" from Talent in every generation;
  • Train managers on how to best manage the generation mix, and implement best practices;
  • Measure results.
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